Monthly Archive: February 2010

Gays Are Ok, Homosexuals Are Not WTF

This is one of those WTF moments. It seems that we see homosexuals and gay men & lesbians differently. It’s more acceptable to be gay in the army, but homosexual, not as much. I...

Wake Up With Whiskey Toothpaste

Why fight oral  hygiene-enjoy it! Here’s the he-man toothpaste, best argument yet for brushing 3 times a day. 2 1/2 oz. tubes flavored with the real thin-Scotch or Bourbon. Night-before feeling on the morning...

Piss Off This Valentines Day

What? Not everyone is happy on Valentines day. Some are alone, others have to spend lots of money on flowers and gifts that were jacked up in price just for Valentines day. Just saying.

The Mac Ghostbusters Effect

If you’ve got a Mac, then you can start Ghostbusting today! All Macs come with ghost protection built in and you can sleep easy knowing you are safe. via The Nerdist

How To Drive A Graphic Designer cRaZy

In case you don’t realize, this post is suppose to be sarcastic and funny. Who do these graphic designers think they are? I mean, it’s the client that came up with the idea to...