Monthly Archive: February 2010

iPod + Big Mushroom = iPad

So it might not be Steve Jobs that invented the iPad. It may have come from Mario. I wonder what would happen if it were to get firepower next?! via 9GAG

Why The Smurfs Movie Will Fail

Technology is a wonderful thing. That is until you land a roll in a major motion picture and they use a blue screen, not a green screen. Then you’re screwed. Poor little Smurfs. Nothing...

Raccoon Drinking Beer

What more is there to say? It’s a raccoon drinking beer! Cute little guy isn’t he? Just sitting there in his old tire with is bottle of happiness.

How To Fix The Entire Internet

Did you know that the internet was broken? Well it is. It’s full of ads and crap you just don’t care about. So fix it. Fix it with GreaseMonkey and make all that un-wanted...