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What girls wouldn’t like horseshoes?! So stylish and they gotta be fast.

6 foot tall snow easter bunny

Nor’ Easter Bunny

What happens when you get a bunch of snow in March? Make a snow Easter bunny! Plus he’s like 6 foot tall. Amazing. via Seafront1 They’re not as cool and as big, but you...

Squirrels eating at a table with candles.

The Secret Life of Squirrels: A Love Story

Ever wonder what squirrels do when you’re not looking? Well, they have quite a nice life. The Secret Life of Squirrels exposes this. Basically it’s squirrels with mini furniture and other homemade things. Not...

Kitten Ice Cube Tray

Got a friend who likes cats? Get them a cat ice cube tray that makes kittens. It’s one way to continuously adopt a kitten without having a house full of fur. Just be careful...

Happy Sharks!

What happens when you take scary sharks and add some teeth? You get happy, friendly sharks. Look at those cuties! Awwww

Haters Gonna Hate

Some day’s your just so stylin’ that others hate you for looking this good. If you think this is cool, get it on a t-shirt.

And you think your Mom’s bad.

Bird Mom’s are the worst. You think your Mom’s not nice, at least she didn’t throw you out of a tree when you were a baby. via The Square Comics