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And you think your Mom’s bad.

Bird Mom’s are the worst. You think your Mom’s not nice, at least she didn’t throw you out of a tree when you were a baby. via The Square Comics

Signs of spring! I see a Robin.

See Robin? Seem him there behind that tree? It’s a sure sign of spring when he comes creeping into the neighborhood. That and you may have a crime problem in the neighborhood. via¬†bizarrocomics

The New Batman And Robin

The New Batman And Robin

Take that George Clooney. Here are the new Batman and Robin. These super heros are real, however they probably won’t kick ass quite as much.

This Is Where Rat Birds Came From

These two are up to something, we’re just not sure what yet. This could be where rat birds all started. Or then again, they could just be posing nice for the camera. via imgfave