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A little bit of love goes a long way. So does awkwardness, loneliness and one pissed off person.

Anti-Valentines Day Cards

Not everyone is warm and fuzzy. Some even suck more than most. Screw them. Screw Valentine’s Day. These all come from random places around the web. Quite a few from JulieAnnArt.

You’re the Obi Wan For Me

If your guy or gal loves Star Wars, then they’ll go head over heels for a card this cheesy cool. Can’t go wrong with R2D2.

Boys Are Dumb

They say you learn a lot in kindergarten. Like how boys are dumb and girls have cooties. Turns out, we weren’t wrong.

Men vs Women – Prince vs Princess

It should come as no surprise that men and women don’t have the same thoughts when it comes to romantic gestures. She wants a castle, he wants to get her into bed. It’s like...

I Shredz Your Valentine

What’s more loving that your cat? This Valentine’s Day, spend it your furry friend. That is if they want you too. You never know with those little buggers. They love you one moment, the...

Donut Hole

You ripped my heart out.

Poor donut. I always thought that was a donut hole, but I guess it’s a donut heart. Need a special card for that special one that left you hurt and miserable? As I Live...

Lick Me Till Ice Cream

Not exactly sure what’s going on here, but I like ice cream. And this could be romantic. Possibly naughty. Covers all the bases really.