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That amazing holiday where we all dress up in green, drink beer and get loud all because we can. Hell Yea!

Pepe pointing out Kermit is green and naked

Kermit is green and naked.

Pinching people who don’t wear green on St. Patrick’s Day is one tradition that I don’t quite get, but, does it count when you’re all green? Seems like a good idea until someone points out...

Want to see my leprechaun?

If you want to see my leprechaun, just ask. I’ll show you. This St Patrick’s Day, have people asking you to take off your shirt with this leprechaun shirt. Granted, the beer should be good enough,...

Lame St. Patrick’s Day Jokes

Those jokes are great for kids or telling those who you don’t want to offend. They’re a little lame, but can still be funny. Especially if you’re drunk.