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Pepe pointing out Kermit is green and naked

Kermit is green and naked.

Pinching people who don’t wear green on St. Patrick’s Day is one tradition that I don’t quite get, but, does it count when you’re all green? Seems like a good idea until someone points out...

Peeps as Muppets

I didn’t realize that Peeps could look so good. I love Muppets, and as Peeps, they’re even sweeter.

Don’t be dissin’ the bird.

Even Grover can’t believe what’s going on. He’s madder than when someone confuses him for Gonzo. Ok, so that’s probably not very mad as Muppets tend to be pretty forgiving. Except when someone attacks one of their...

Ben Folds Five Rock With Fraggles!

Ben Folds Five and Fraggle Rock “DO IT ANYWAY” [Official Video] Behind The Scenes – Ben Folds Five and Fraggle Rock Official Music Video In my opinion, any time you add Muppets to anything,...