Yellies! – Toys you yell at.

Pile of Yellie Spiders

What kind of toy do you get for kids that aren’t yours? Well ones that make noise of course. Or, even better yet, ones that have the kids make noise. Yellies are toys that you interact with by yelling at. That’s right, to play with them, you yell at them. The louder you yell, the … Read more

Guess what? I don’t run.

26.2 Oreo's I've Eaten In One Sitting

It seems that every other car has one of those running bumper stickers. It’s like they’re always tell me how much better they are then me. Well guess what? I don’t run and I don’t care. I can even get my own running bumper sticker to show you how amazing I am.

Creepy Doll Head Laptop Stickers

Laptop covered in doll head stickers

Everyone likes laptop stickers these days, so why not get them some creepy doll head stickers? These stickers will make any laptop stand out. You can put them on lockers and cars too. They’ll stick to almost anything! Nothing says “memorable, unique gift” like doll heads.

Beer Belly Fanny Pack

Looking for a gift that is sure to bring a good laugh or a WTF to a family member? Get them a beer belly fanny pack. They look a little too realistic, but you can also hold a beer in there so that’s pretty handy.