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Lots of funny & cute pictures. Mostly of animals. Lets face it, animals are just cute.

Happy Sharks!

What happens when you take scary sharks and add some teeth? You get happy, friendly sharks. Look at those cuties! Awwww

Crazy Cat Halloween Costumes

Everyone knows cats like to be dressed up. This Halloween, get your cat a costume that stands out from the rest. Oh, and don’t forget to record you dressing up your cat because that’s going...

Witchcraft Starter Kit

What do you need to do witchcraft? Well a black cat (preferably evil) and a cauldron. Once you have these, you’re well on your way. Unless that is if your kitty is playful. Then...

Iowa Has Fluffy Cows

Did you know that they have fluffy cows in Iowa? They are especially created by mixing high quality breeds. They just look so cute? I wanna hug one.