Show someone you love and hate them with a Fuggler.

Pile of Fuggler Dolls

Have you heard of Fugglers? They’re ugly stuffed animals that are so ugly, they’re cute. Supposedly they’ll ruin your life, but you’ll fall in love them first.

Why would you want one, you ask? We don’t know your life. Maybe you like sleeping with one eye open, or the idea of having your teeth stolen by a squinty-eyed creep is appealing to you. Maybe your life is too perfect, and you want to ruin that for some reason. Whatever your poison, we can make it happen.

I don’t think they really do anything, but they are easy to fall in love with and are guaranteed to be a gift that the receiver can’t help but talk about.

Plus you can choose from one of many different Fugglers. Like the Sloth, Sasquoosh, Claw-Ey, Oogah Boogah and others. With names like those, you can’t go wrong!

You can pick them up at Target or Amazon or wherever you do your shopping.

You should definitely adopt one for someone you love, or hate, or love to hate, or hate to love. 🙂

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