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Easter Cake Fail 0

Easter Cake Fail

Pinterest makes things look so easy. Like making an Easter cake of a cute little lamb. All you need is some cake, and some frosting, and a professional cake decorator. If you try to...

Installed Java 0

Successfully Installed JAVA

I’m sure all the IT guys love it when you tell them you successfully installed JAVA once you get done with a cup of coffee. They probably love it so much that you should...

Stand Out 0

Stand Out

Don’t be like everyone else, stand out and be you. Granted, you’ll have to take the consequences of your actions, but you’ll be happy to be you.

St Patricks Day Jokes 0

Lame St. Patrick’s Day Jokes

Those jokes are great for kids or telling those who you don’t want to offend. They’re a little lame, but can still be funny. Especially if you’re drunk.

Coffee Benefits 0

The Benefits of Coffee

Coffee is a good thing. There are so many benefits to drinking it; other than the fact that it helps me deal with others. Wakes you up. You get to use your favorite mug! It’s...