90s Kids Weren’t Freaking Idiots

Roadrunner and Coyote

When we were kids, they didn’t have to tell us to not try this at home because we weren’t freaking iditos. Well… maybe that’s not exactly true. We still did stupid stuff, but weren’t stupid enough to record it and share it with the world. Plus it wasn’t that stupid. Was it?

My childhood was a lie. Coyote’s run faster than roadrunners.

Did you know a roadrunners top speed is only 20mph, but a coyote’s top speed is 43mph! This means that everything I learned on Looney Tunes was a lie. Next thing they’ll try to tell me I can’t just paint a road on a rock wall and drive through it. This is according to: https://www.speedofanimals.com/animals/coyote … Read more