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iPod + Big Mushroom = iPad

So it might not be Steve Jobs that invented the iPad. It may have come from Mario. I wonder what would happen if it were to get firepower next?! via 9GAG

DIY Green Apple Computer … Sort Of

This is not your run of the mill Apple computer. Forget about the hackintoshes and Psystar, this is one legal Apple computer. Course, it’s just a disguise. One that only lasts a few days...

Apple iPad Video – LOL

Apple iPad Video – LOL

You asked for it, you got it. The all new Apple iPad. Perfect for women everywhere. Lets just hope to hell that Apple doesn’t really call their tablet iPad.

iPhone Fail

The iPhone’s fancy touch screen doesn’t work for everyone. I mean what if you had a hook for a hand? Then how could you touch it? iPhone Fail. via Crazy art by Glennz

Chia Mac

What do you do with your old computer? Why not turn it into a Chia Mac. It’ll sure be the prettiest planter on the block!

Apple Invite Breakdown

Have you seen the latest invite for Apple’s special event? Well here is an in-depth analysis of that invite. As you can see, there is no clear indication of what this is for. It...

How To Sell PCs, Make Them Cool

Windows computers are ugly. Lets face it, they just spend their time playing catchup with Apple’s design awesomness. However, it would be possible to sell more Windows machines if their PCs looked as cool...

Mmm Mac Mini Apple Pie

Watch a Mac geek drool over this Mac Mini apple pie! It on-up’s Apple’s Mac Mini as you can eat it. Mmmm pie!! via Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories