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Duck distracting human with topless girl cutout.

Duck Hunt 2 : Revenge of the Duck

Duck Hunt is one of the most popular video games of all time and it’s coming back. This time, the ducks are out to get revenge. Watch out hunters, they’re aiming for you. No,...

Get A Life Pokémon Players #WTF

They keep telling kids to go outside and play. Then when they do, they tell them to go inside and drink. Really? WTF people?! I get that people don’t like Pokémon players on their lawn,...

Don’t Pokémon Go & Drive

Arrive alive, don’t throw Pokéballs drive. I have a feeling you’ll see a lot more signs like this around as people do stupid things like play games while driving.

Mount Nintendo Rushmore

What if you were to skip the presidents and create a mountain out of the biggest Japanese characters in America? Then you’d get Mount Nintendo Rushmore.

Sweet Nintendo Wii Dance Moves

Sweet Nintendo Wii Dance Moves

No, there is not some new Nintendo Wii dance game, it’s just one guy with a lot of cool moves jamming to the beet of the Wii theme music. Now if you’re thinking the...