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Skeletor on a Unicorn

Everyone Deserves To Be Happy

It doesn’t matter who you are, what you like, or how weird your happy place is, we all deserve to be happy. Even if it is Skeletor creating rainbows while riding a unicorn that is...

Hey He-Man – What’s Going On? [song]

Hey He-Man – What’s Going On? [song]

Just amazing how much better this song is now that He-Man is signing it! If you’re more of a Skeletor fan, here is the whole He-Man gang singing BoHemian Rhapsody. https://youtu.be/aeFH-QoAPCk

You Can Watch He-Man On YouTube!

One of the few 80s cartoons that has not made it’s return to TV or movies is He-Man Master of the Universe. If you’ve been dying to watch the show, you can again thanks...