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Barbie on Motorcycle 0

Chicks Dig Guys on Motorcycles

Imagine sitting at a stop light, looking over, and see Barbie on the motorcycle next to you! How cool is that guy that he got her? Granted, you could take it the other way...

dangerous road 0

Super Dangerous Road Ahead

There’s a dangerous road a head. Full of pot holes, sink holes, and even some ass holes. One is worst than the others however.

Kool-Aid Man Wanted Poster 0

Wanted: The Kool-Aid Man

If you see the Kool-Aid Man, call the authorities. Don’t try to chase him as he’ll just break through walls. He’s to be considered extremely destructive, and super tasty. However, don’t drink the Kool-Aid as he uses...

dawn of the doughnuts 0

Dawn of the Doughnuts

You better eat them before they eat you! Sadly, eat to many and the doughnuts kill you anyway. So, I guess it’s a lose lose situation; except doughnuts are tasty which is a win....

Hero Wine Box 0

Not All Heroes Wear Capes

Some heroes are just random dudes with a box of wine strapped to their back; with paper cups of course. Admit it, if you see this guy in public, you’d be pretty happy. Unless he...