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Santas Got To Go

Santa’s a real man too and sometimes, you just gotta go. Now that plastic Santa, that’s just weird. via Flickr

Crazy Creepy Santa

Santa’s usually jolly, happy and friendly right? Well I guess not all the time. The one’s a little creepy. Not to mention he’s cruising around with Barbie and some other strange characters. via Flickr

Oh Holly Night

Oh Holly Night

I loved doing this image Christmas quizes when I was younger. I rocked at them too!

Good Advice From Rudolph

Good Advice From Rudolph

Just remember kids: Your peers may harass you and bully you to no end, but if you become famous the best idea is to forget it ever happened and spend your Christmas with them!

Advertising BMW Minis In The Trash

Sometimes you can tell what people got for Christmas based on their trash. With this in mind, BMW decided to advertise by putting Mini Cooper boxes out on the street as a way of...

Murray Christmas

Murray Christmas to all!! We came, we saw, we kicked its ass!

Merry Christmas! 1986 Style

Ahh yes, 1986 when computer graphics were pixely and the sound basic. Good times. Merry Christmas Everyone!!!

Santa’s Got A Semi

Santa’s Got A Semi

[flv]https://www.itwister.net/_graphics/semi.flv[/flv] You know, a big truck full of toys for all the good girls and boys. If you came here thinking something perverted, well that’s just wrong. Unless Santa looks a lot like daddy...