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The Dark Side Took Over Earth Hour

The Dark Side Took Over Earth Hour

Thanks to everyone who turned out the lights for Earth Hour! The Dark Side won and you are now all evil. But a good evil. 🙂 via Super Punch

The Missing StarWars Character

Not sure why George Lucas would cut this awesome StarWars character out of his movie, but he never made it to the big screen. To bad to as he’s pretty darn cute. via Animals...

Carving a Star Wars Death Star Pumpkin

Think you have pumpkin carving skills? Well then here a complex one for you to try. It’s the Death Star from StarWars. Complete instructions can be found at fantasypumpkins. I’m thinking this one is...

Singing In The Rain, StarWars Edition

If George Lucas didn’t already have enough money, now they are thinking of re-making all the classic movies and replacing the rolls with StarWars characters. Probably a lot more violence and space ships too!...