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Santa Claus Monroe

Did Marilyn Monroe steal her signature move from Santa? Or did he think it was fun and give it a try himself? via Flickr.

Santas Got To Go

Santa’s a real man too and sometimes, you just gotta go. Now that plastic Santa, that’s just weird. via Flickr

Crazy Creepy Santa

Santa’s usually jolly, happy and friendly right? Well I guess not all the time. The one’s a little creepy. Not to mention he’s cruising around with Barbie and some other strange characters. via Flickr

Santa’s Got A Semi

Santa’s Got A Semi

[flv]https://www.itwister.net/_graphics/semi.flv[/flv] You know, a big truck full of toys for all the good girls and boys. If you came here thinking something perverted, well that’s just wrong. Unless Santa looks a lot like daddy...