Horribly Offensive Magazine Ads WTF

These ads are for a Belgian humor magazine called Humo. Not sure what is funny about them but they sure do catch your attention. The ads claim that reading Humo magazine has serious consequences. Things like president Kennedy getting shot or airplanes crashing into the World Trade Centers. I guess when you’re not paying attention, … Read more

Gays Are Ok, Homosexuals Are Not WTF

This is one of those WTF moments. It seems that we see homosexuals and gay men & lesbians differently. It’s more acceptable to be gay in the army, but homosexual, not as much. I guess when it comes to equal rights, we can either give it to the gays or homosexuals, not both. via clusterflock

Workplace WTF Counter

We all have one of those days where you just think to yourself, WTF? Ok, maybe that’s everyday. Well now, you can keep track of how many WTFs you come across with the WTF-Counter. Granted, this is done in an uber geeky way, but it still looks like a great idea. Even if it just … Read more