Who’s Up For A Cancer Stick?

Maybe all it will take is a bit of packaging re-design for smokers to realize that there are no benefits to smoking. Or it’ll cause people to buy more because the cigarette packs look a lot cooler! People like scary freaky design sometimes. At least it’s truth in advertising. WIN! via Where There’s Smoke….

Spelling Out Words with your Mac OS X Dock

Remember in school when you’d waste time by trying to make funny words with your calculator (lol, “boobs”)? We’ve grown up. We’re way past the days of trying to make naughty words on our tools of arithmetic. These days, we’ve turned to our Mac OS X docks for our creative word challenges. via GEARFUSE » … Read more

Freaky Weird Body Anomaly Tattoos

More people than you realize have some condition that makes their physical bodies different from the majority. Many try to hide those differences out of self-consciousness, even though the anomaly might be something you’d never notice anyway. Then there are some who celebrate their differences with a clever tattoo that provokes smiles and puts people … Read more