BP Oil Spill – Beyond Pollution. Find A Solution.

The BP oil spill is devastating and we all need to find a solution. It’s not just up to BP to find away to stop it, it’s up to us to find a way to use less gas. We’re all the problem, we’re all the solution.

BP - Brining Oil to American Shores
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SpongeBob vs BP
How many animals live under the ocean?

BP of Death
Big oil has us held hostage.

BP Adopts Ocean
Adopt an Ocean
BP Killing Palm Trees
Water and oil don't mix.
BP True Colors
True colors?

BP Oil Drop

Fish Oil With Extra Oil
Fish oil, with extra oil.
BP We Destroy Oceans
Destroying oceans has to stop.
Slicker Than The Gulf Of Mexico
Hey Baby Slicker Than The Gulf Of Mexico
no wetlands no peace
The animals would attack, if they could.
Beyond Pollution
Beyond pollution. Find a solution!

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