Snowstorm Headed This Way – Expected Snowfall Totals

Midwest Snow Forecast

Is there a snowstorm headed towards you? If so, this weather forecast is for you.

Our predicted snow totals are based on the most technologically advanced weather satellites and years of historical information. Chances of us being right for someone is really good and you can’t beat accuracy like that.

Keep in mind, this storm could shift north, or south, or east, or west. It could go anywhere really. Heck, it could even just disappear. No one really knows what mother nature is doing up there.

If you don’t live in the area in purple, just pretend it’s over your house. That’s the beauty of this forecast, it can be used anywhere. West Coast, East Coast, South, Canada, Timbuktu. No other forecast can be as accurate as us when it comes to predicting snow storm totals.

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