Evolution of TV – Friends vs House

Evolution of TV - Friends vs House

In the early 2000s, no one could have told you who Hugh Laurie (House) was. Now, in 2009 Jennifer Aniston (Rachel on Friends) is the one that is less recognizable. Funny how that works.

That’s the evolution of TV. Some days your hot, some days your not.

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  1. "In the early 2000s, no one could have told you who Hugh Laurie (House) was."Ok, just to defend folks like me, that's a bit of hyperbole, as I'm sure you know. He was a well-established star in Britain, of course, but there were actually a lot of Americans who knew who he was (granted, now there are many millions more who know). For one, Jeeves & Wooster, for another, Black Adder! But also Fry & Laurie — tho not sure exactly HOW I learned of it. I DO know I always had a huge crush on Stephen Fry! But I do remember watching that Friends episode, and thinking (a) of course Hugh is hysterically funny, and (b) gosh, he's doing this little part . . . . So when he did House, I pretty much watched him for the longest time with my mouth just hanging open in amazement; he was just so incredibly brilliant — and he was even more incredibly brilliant & amazing if you DID know who he was!Too bad "House the show" has tanked. David Shore has alienated a large chunk of his fan base by getting rid of (out of ALL the possible actors he could have picked) Jennifer Morrison. Shore may think we don't mean it when we say we won't be watching anymore, but we're not kidding. We're dead serious. At this point, it's actually a relief to stop watching.


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