Get a Vikings Brett Favre Jersey On The Cheap – DIY

Randy Moss Brett Favre Jersey

Randy Moss Brett Favre Jersey

Want your own Brett Favre Minnesota Vikings jersey but don’t have the money to spend on it? Well now you can make your own. Here’s how:

  1. Find an old Randy Moss jersey. Probably on clearance or at the Goodwill for cheap.
  2. Get some electrical tape, or duct tape.
  3. Cross out the 8.
  4. Cross out the Moss.
  5. Get some sticky letters. You know, like you can put on mailboxes.
  6. Spell out Favre.

That’s it! Now you can look as cool as this Vikings fan with a custom made Brett Favre football jersey.

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3 Responses

  1. Nice, just remember to X off the "8" on the front side of the jersey too!

  2. Michael McGill says:

    too bad hes back

  3. And just like that, it works again. It's the magical jersey. Feel free to use it with ANY other player the Vikings revolving door of horrors spits out.

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