Gay People Can Quote The Bible Too – Gay Marriage

Gay Marriage

There’s a lot of talk against gay marriage and how the bible says it’s not right. Well, if you dig into the bible, you can find a lot of other interesting things too. Like “a marriage shall be considered valid only if the wife is a virgin. If the wife is not a virgin, she shall be executed.” -Deuteronomy 22:13-21

Take that gay marriage opposers.

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  1. 1. This is not a quote – and it's not even an accurate summary.2. The Bible recognizes marriage between non-virigns, as evidenced in multiple stories.3. This passage is only half the story – it refers to adultery.4. The Bible never says that being Homosexual is a sin.5. However, it does say that having Homosexual sex is a big no-no.

  2. "This is not a quote – and it's not even an accurate summary…This passage is only half the story – it refers to adultery." I'm afraid you're mistaken: "If any man take a wife, and go in unto her, and hate her, / And give occasions of speech against her, and bring up an evil name upon her, and say, I took this woman, and when I came to her, I found her not a maid / … [he and the woman's father shall take the case to the elders. If the father can provide proof of his daughter's virginity,] And they shall amerce him in an hundred shekels of silver, and give them unto the father of the damsel, because he hath brought up an evil name upon a virgin of Israel: and she shall be his wife; he may not put her away all his days. / But if this thing be true, and the tokens of virginity be not found for the damsel: / Then they shall bring out the damsel to the door of her father's house, and the men of her city shall stone her with stones that she die: because she hath wrought folly in Israel, to play the whore in her father's house: so shalt thou put evil away from among you." Most of the rest of the chapter deals with specific types of adultery (both with married women and betrothed women), generally prescribing execution for both adulterers. Verses 13-21 explicitly deal with a husband who's dissatisfied with a wife who turns out to have had sex _before_ the marriage. The sign is _slightly_ misleading–the text doesn't say non-virgin marriages aren't _valid_, it says they aren't _binding_. If a man wants to stay with a wife who's "played the whore in her father's house", he's more than welcome to. Her lack of virginity just gives him a Get Out of Marriage Free card (not to diminish the fact that the returned merchandise is destroyed, mind you).


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