Like LOL Zombie On The Facebook!

Like Us On The Facebook!

LOL Zombie now has a Facebook page! Look at us, getting all social media smart!

Now, if you could please, take a few seconds to feed our ego and Like us that’d be great.

What are we going to do on our Facebook page? No idea. But all the cool kids have one so we created one!

Our goal is to get 1 billion licks or likes or whatever. Heck, even 10 would be cool. You can either click on the image above and then click the Like button or there is one in the sidebar that has faces of pretty cool people. Or it will when cool people like us.

Wait, that’s not all. As a bonus, we posted a link on our Facebook page to that super cool thumbs up graphic we used in this post.

What are you waiting for? Like us! Please.

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