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Yoshi's Island 0

Yoshi’s Island

From the creators of Jurassic Park comes Yoshi’s Island. Run for your life as this dinosaur seeks revenge. This ain’t no kids game anymore!

Friday the 13th Rules 0

Friday The 13th Rules

In order to survive Friday the 13th, it’s good to follow these simple rules. Keep Calm Don’t Go Swimming Don’t have Sex Don’t Smoke Don’t Drink Don’t Go Out Don’t Split Up Don’t Run...

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Goodbye Robin Williams

It’s hard to believe, but the amazing Robin Williams is gone. His many roles and amazing comedy will be remembered for generations to come. News outlets are reporting that he was suffering from depression and he...

Grumpy Elsa 0

You Say Let it Go. I Say No.

Elsa is a little grumpy today. She’s tired of all the attention, tired of everyone singing her song, and may have a fur ball. Check out Grumpy Disney for more awesome Grumpy Cat Disney...