Monthly Archive: August 2010

Can't Change Your Mind With Suicide

Can’t Change Your Mind With Suicide

Some times you can change your mind in the middle of what your doing, other times your screwed. Suicide being one of them. Lets just all be safe and not even try it. OK?

It's A Trap, And You Know It

It’s A Trap, And You Know It

One thing everyone should know is that dropping the soap in a shared shower is a trap and it probably won’t turn out well if you go to pick it up. You’ve been warned.

Monday's To-Do List

Monday’s To-Do List

It’s Monday, which means it sucks. Good thing my to-do list is pretty simple. However that second one may be a little difficult.

MILF Confusion

Sometime’s MILFs Can Be Confusing

no, honey, a MILF is supposed to be somebody else’s mom. Kids have it rough these days with all the internet stalkers, middle school sex, and what not. Then there are MILFs, a topic which...