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Playing With Cars

Most things in life are all about how you look at them. And if you look at it just right, nothing is impossible. 9gag

Kurt Hummel

67 Fantastic Glee Facts

The Beginning The pilot of “Glee” premiered after the finale of “American Idol” in 2009, and averaged 9.619 million viewers. The pilot generated a lot of buzz before returning four months later. The show...

If Web Browsers Were Modes of Transpiration

What if your web browser was a mode of transportation? Would you be driving something you’d be proud to be seen in? Firefox – Fairly well-rounded but nearly unstable because of all its stupid...

God’s Computer Isn’t A Mac

Not sure what kind of computer God uses, but it doesn’t appear to be a Mac. The usability and style are just no good. Probably some custom form of Linux or something.

Yummy Food Art – Who Says You Can’t Play With Your Food?

Yummy Food Art – Who Says You Can’t Play With Your Food?

Are you hungry? Well you will be. Here are 21 good reasons to play with your food. Some are quite intense, while others are pretty basic. All look very yummy!