Monthly Archive: March 2010

One Hell Of A Swing

The view may be amazing, but the swinging has got to be breathtaking. Note to self: don’t jump off the swing. via Sabino

Mario and Luigi Found On Google Maps

Google Maps has found Mario and Luigi  in Manchester England. Don’t see any sewer pipes, but maybe these businesses are what bring in the money for their world, and galaxy, travels. See for youself...

The UnGooglable Man?

Are there really people who walk amongst us that can’t be found via Google? No Twitter? No Blog? No Facebook? What?! How do they survive? via Peter Nidzgorski

ET No Go Home #FAIL

Sometimes just riding a bike is cool. And it’s even cooler to do sweet tricks like flips. That is until you loose your extra terrestrial. Whoops. via The Awesomer