Monthly Archive: January 2010

Say Hello To My Little Snowmen

The snowmen know where you live and you should be afraid. Very afraid. Unless that is you have ice melt, hot water or a good stomping boot.

Snowed In Beer Cooler

  Some people look at he glass half empty. Others look at it half full; full of beer that is. When it snows so much you can’t get out, just use that snow to...

Awesome! If browsers were women.

Not every woman is created equal, and neither is every browser. Where as most are fun and safe, some are over-used and can get you infected. via

A Slice of Paradise Pie

A Slice of Paradise Pie

What’s better than pie? Paradise. What’s better than paradise? Paradise Pie. Mmmm doesn’t that look delicious! Via

Twitter is not like sex

Twitter Is NOT Like Sex…

Twitter is not like sex, unless you’re short, do it quickly, and fail often. Then it totally is. This is in response to Twitter Is Like Sex.

Your e-Penis Must Be Huge

How many times have you gotten an email about Viagra? I mean we’re flooded by them every day; every hour. By now, our e-penises must be huge, not to mention we perform very well,...