Monthly Archive: December 2009

Tiger Woods To-Do List

Tiger Woods is in a bit of trouble. The good thing here though is that he’s started to outline a list of things to do to get himself back on everyone’s good side. Looks...

Mmm Mac Mini Apple Pie

Watch a Mac geek drool over this Mac Mini apple pie! It on-up’s Apple’s Mac Mini as you can eat it. Mmmm pie!! via Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories

When Football Gets Confusing, Just Stand There

Sometimes football plays get confusing and complicated. So, if you ever forget what to do, just stand there and wait for the next play. That’s what this guy does, and he does it well.

Walk. Don’t Walk. F You.

Well I think that this traffic signal isn’t very nice. I mean, I just want to cross the street and it’s telling me to f off. Maybe it’s more effective this way. Ohh and...