Monthly Archive: November 2009

Chicken Tragedy In The Kitchen

Little Johnny was so excited to give his mom the card he made for him, but it wasn’t meant to be. Johnny’s mom has already gone into the light. The light of the oven...

Moo. I Lick You

Who doesn’t like cows? Well except vegans. Isn’t this one soooo cute? I think he licks likes you. via pixdaus

Walrus – The Original Vampire

The Walrus: It’s like a vampire, but awesome! Have you thought about where vampires came from? They must have evolved from a walrus somehow. An awesome walrus.

Do You Have Swine Fever? (No Relation)

Do You Have Swine Fever? (No Relation)

Do you have swine fever? (Not related to Swine Flu) If not, head on down to Carter ‘N Sons BBQ and get your eat on! You’ll have swine fever in no time. Don’t forget...

Even Squirrels Like Wedding Cake

The best part of a wedding has to be the cake. Mmm cake. And this little squirrel is wasting no time in getting his piece. Little thing is going to be on such a...