Monthly Archive: November 2009

Evolution of TV – Friends vs House

In the early 2000s, no one could have told you who Hugh Laurie (House) was. Now, in 2009 Jennifer Aniston (Rachel on Friends) is the one that is less recognizable. Funny how that works....

The Sexy Chair

Your kitchen chairs have nothing on this sexy chair. With it’s legs crossed and bright red attitude, it’s sure to turn some heads. Meow!

Chuck Norris Cat

Chuck Norris Cat

Some cats are lazy, some cats are like Chuck Norris. This cat is like Chuck Norris with awesome, gravity defying, skills. That bat never had a chance.

Bacon Finger Nails

It’s never been such a good idea to bite your nails until now. The bacon finger nails make you more attractive to men and can substitute as a snack when you’re getting hungry. Is...