Monthly Archive: September 2009

Holy Mother Snow Bunny!

Have you ever seen a giant snow bunny? Or is it a cat? And why does it have mini snow bunnies in its second mouth? What’s going on here?

What a nice zonkey.

It’s not quite a zebra, it’s not quite a donkey, it’s a zonkey. And what a cute zonkey he is. via CONSTANT SIEGE

Women’s Shoes Explained. I Get It Now.

I never understood women’s shoes until now. This handy chart explains them perfectly. The higher cuteness, the better chance at blisters. So all women have blisters and love them. Interesting. via Gizmodo.

Hunting Space Invaders

And you thought space invaders was just a video game. Here’s proof that they are real and that you can go hunting with them and your dog. Course, hunting them is probably easy as...

Security Can Be Deadly

You never know who’s watching you, who’s protecting you, or who’s just out to get you.