Monthly Archive: August 2009


Book Lovers Never Go To Bed Alone

Well, if you’ve ever tried to get a teenager to read, you might want to try this angle. Granted, they’ll probably want a magazine, not a book, but it’s a cute saying anyways. via...


StumbleUpon Is The Anti GTD

StumbleUpon is a great website, full of new and exciting sites that are just a click away. The downside is that it takes over your life! Just one more stumble. Just 5 more minutes....


Get A Fake Kid To Get Out Of Work

Tired of all those parents leaving work early to go to their kids soccer games, concerts, or pick up the sick kid from daycare? Why should they get all the perks just because they...


Cool Donkey Kong Shelves

What better way to keep your childhood going than with cool retro 80s gear! These Donkey Kong shelves are very fun. I just wonder how hard it is to get stuff to stay on...

Horrific, But True, Ad Against Texting and Driving 2

Horrific, But True, Ad Against Texting and Driving

Everyone does it, and no one thinks this could happen to them. The graphic video is a reminder to us all of what happens when we take our eyes off the road for a...


Tasty Brain Cupcakes For Zombie Lovers

What’s the prefect gift for that zombie in your life? Well brain cupcakes of course. I believe they are red velvet cake, gummy or Jello brains and strawberry sauce for blood. You’ll need some...


Awesome Pie Chart

Not all pie charts are confusing. Some are rather simple to understand. Even better, some are tasty to update. Mmm pie chart. via