Monthly Archive: June 2009

Alien ALF on TV 0

Space Aliens Don’t Have a DTV Converter Box

OMG. Aliens don’t know that MJ is dead, who’s winning “So You Think You Can Dance,” and are not going to see Glee this fall on FOX!!  And it’s all the U.S. governments fault...

Yummy Smors Keyboard 0

Yummy S’more Keyboard

Are you sitting at your desk, wishing you didn’t have to work and craving some chocolate? Well if you had a s’more keyboard, you could eat your keyboard and then you wouldn’t have to...

Actual Thumb Drive 0

Who needs a thumb drive? No really.

Talk about creepy cool. Get an actual thumb to have sticking out of your computer. Not only does it hold files, but you can also gross people out. If you do want one, you’ll...