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Health Buzz Words 0

Health Buzz Words Are Fun

Watch out for things that have healthy buzz words on them. Lots of things don’t contain gluten, sugar, fat, or calories, yet they will kill you if you eat them.

Flickering Lights 0

What Do Flickering Lights Mean?

1% Chance Electrical Problem 99% Chance Demons and Shit I don’t know about you, but to me they mean get the hell out of the house. Or at least start cranking some showtunes or...

Excited Person 0

Coffee Makes Life Livable

Without coffee, how could we get any work done? How could we have meaningless office conversations? How could we stay awake in morning meetings? We need you coffee!

Dog Bed 0

All beds are dog beds.

It doesn’t matter how big your bed is, or how much you spend on an actual dog bed, they’re always going to come cuddle up with you and take up most of your bed.