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Peeps as Muppets 0

Peeps as Muppets

I didn’t realize that Peeps could look so good. I love Muppets, and as Peeps, they’re even sweeter.

Easter Egg 0

Where do Easter eggs come from?

I’m not sure I understand what’s going on here. Maybe fat bunnies lay big Easter eggs? Or is it like a beer belly and this is some fancy new diet program? Maybe having a...

Easter Cake Fail 0

Easter Cake Fail

Pinterest makes things look so easy. Like making an Easter cake of a cute little lamb. All you need is some cake, and some frosting, and a professional cake decorator. If you try to...

Installed Java 0

Successfully Installed JAVA

I’m sure all the IT guys love it when you tell them you successfully installed JAVA once you get done with a cup of coffee. They probably love it so much that you should...

Stand Out 0

Stand Out

Don’t be like everyone else, stand out and be you. Granted, you’ll have to take the consequences of your actions, but you’ll be happy to be you.