LOL Zombie

Snow Monster 0

Winter is out to get you.

If you thought winter was bad enough as is, you haven’t seen anything yet. Imagine a giant snow monster crawling out of the ground!!

Tacos 0

Donuts and Tacos? You win Texas.

Did you know that Texas has not one but four Donut Taco Palace restaurants?! Four places where you can order donuts AND tacos. I’m thinking it’s time for a road trip to Texas. Who’s...

Mini Heart Attack 0

You Know, That Mini Heart Attack Feeling

You know, that feeling, that one where you’re in bed, almost asleep and suddenly you get that strange falling sensation. Then you suddenly wake up and think you just had a mini heart attack. Yea....

Exercise to Bacon 0

My Fitness Plan Includes Bacon!

What’s better than exercising? Bacon! My weekly fitness plan is just going to be eating eggs and bacon. I may not be the skinniest person out there, but I may be the happiest.