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prince-princess 0

Men vs Women – Prince vs Princess

It should come as no surprise that men and women don’t have the same thoughts when it comes to romantic gestures. She wants a castle, he wants to get her into bed. It’s like...

Drink Wine - Get Drunk 0

More Wine? More Wine.

You can never go wrong with a plan to drink wine until you’re drunk. Even if you’re trying to get someone drunk, they probably won’t care. That’s how cool wine is. via JimBenton

Your Valentine Cat 0

I Shredz Your Valentine

What’s more loving that your cat? This Valentine’s Day, spend it your furry friend. That is if they want you too. You never know with those little buggers. They love you one moment, the...

Donut Hole 0

You ripped my heart out.

Poor donut. I always thought that was a donut hole, but I guess it’s a donut heart. Need a special card for that special one that left you hurt and miserable? As I Live...

Ice Cream 0

Lick Me Till Ice Cream

Not exactly sure what’s going on here, but I like ice cream. And this could be romantic. Possibly naughty. Covers all the bases really.

Candy Hearts 0

It’s not you, it’s me. Candy Hearts.

Ever look at candy hearts and think the sayings don’t quite fit your life? Then you need the It’s Not You, It’s Me collection. They are prefect for the real life situations that better match...

Party Bees 0

Party Bees

When you’re looking for a rockin’ party, just bring some bees with you. The buzz will be huge and the party will be full of honeys. via

Cookie Monster Donut 0

Cookie Monster Donuts!

If I could find a bakery making Cookie Monster donuts, I may just buy them all. Not only are they donuts, but they come with cookies! I’m so hungry right now.